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Activities nearby

Our Olympe Hotel Complex is located in the town of Korhogo, a city rich in culture and history.
Take advantage of your stay to discover the different activities that the city has to offer.
Guided tours of historical and cultural sites, nature walks, sporting activities and much more. We will be happy to help you organize your activity program so that you can enjoy your stay.

Waraniéné is a village in the north of Côte d'Ivoire, close to the town of Korhogo and which is particularly renowned for its weavers. Waraniéné means place without fetish.


Mount Korhogo is a hill located in the center of the town of Korhogo, in the Poro region, in northern Côte d'Ivoire. It measures just over 500 m high. It is part of the tourist and cultural heritage of the city of Korhogo. This mountain allows you to have a beautiful view of the city of Korhogo.

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